IMAGE–THE BEAUTY OF FRACTALS–THE  SEARCH FOR MENTAL SERENITY. Sexual abuse of elderly Sexual abuse of elderly2 More on Alison Dove’s crew DEM on Steven Welsh David Mcclements, Bernard on doctors threat Kunstaspekte on Bogman Palmjaguar The ultimate child abuse horror The ultimate child abuse horror2 Bogman Palmjaguar Dem2 on legal aid Lee Patterson on Bogman Palmjaguar UK’s invisible street children. More on street children. Brutality and street children Armed Scottish police alarm public Lib dems on armed Scottish police DR REDLER EXPOSING NODDY PARANOIA CANCER CRUELTY–LEADING ME EVER DEEPER INTO CRIMINAL STATES–COMING WITH  EVIDENCE––CANCER AS GENOCIDE?–JOHN HAMER’S BRILLIANCE TOO. Dr Redler’s 2005 report Dr Redler on diagnosis Theresa May on possible State paedophile cover up My twitter confrontation with child raping Church of England –coming. BOGMAN PALMJAGUAR’S OUTLAW OF THE ROCKS– Cia electroshock CONSERVATIONIST SHARING THE HIDDEN SECRET WORLD OF THE PERSECUTED  WITH THEM–AS ONE WITH THEM–AS ONE OF THEM. THE APACHES–HIDDEN IN  THEIR ROCKY HOMELANDS– Outlaw rock gardener 1 The outlaw rock gardener myself in my living room around 2003 aged 53 with my old collie boy Quartz–I can be seen offering him  a treat. Dr Leon Redler