Private police identified Private police identified 2 The exploitation of my mother’s tragedy Special thanks to MARK SHEPPARD and DENNIS SIMPSON who did much to Support me in the medically cut off years of my 50s and 60s. Social work meets private police Social work meeting private police2 Social work meeting private police3 Between private police Solicitor understanding private police threat Trailed around the town of Thurso in northern Scotland in my 30s by an  unknown I knew only as CLICK CLICK–hunted across moonlight hills– opening hyperlinks identify private police members as threat to me and that  Unknowns also operated–more to follow. Cardinal O Brien admits sexual misconduct ForexTV on O Brien misconduct IMAGES–THE SEARCH FOR MENTAL SERENITY–THE BEAUTY OF FRACTALS. CRIMINALS TARGETING CANCER Aldous Huxley on adjustment to sick societies THE PALMJAGUAR HIDDENCATS STAND UP TOO CANCER CAMPAIGN–ALSO  INCORPORATING OTHER DISEASES OF COURSE. THROUGHOUT WEBSITE AT INTERVALS. FOR MY NON SMOKING CANCER A MAJOR PROBLEM WAS THE STATE OF STUPOR  CANCER PUT ME IN FOR SOME YEARS–I CAN SEE NOW I LOST MY ABILITY TO FOLLOW MY LIFE PROPERLY. Rock gardener’s ultimatum to David Cameron Geoffrey Dickens MP death threats BRAVE GEOFFREY DICKENS DEATH THREATS. IMAGES–