WEBSITE DEDICATED TO DOGS– BOGMAN PALMJAGUAR’S OUTLAW ROCK GARDENER–how bilateral lymphoedema and finally cancer would take me even further into the State subculture of medical bloodsports. Desperate plea–CANCER LED  ME INTO PURE EVIL IN THE STATES–ULTIMATE ABUSE. RT UK  UN disabilities crimes Britain AS MY WEBSITE WILL SHOW WITH EVIDENCE THE CORRUPT GOVERNMENTS ACTUALLY BRED SICKNESS AND  DISABILITY IN CORRUPT JUNK FOOD INDUSTRY etc. IN DIANA’S SHADOW. I HIDE IN HER SHADOW. Lord Ken Macdonald on disability hate crime Fiona Pilkington tragedy Fiona Pilkington tragedy2 Reece Roberts tragedy significance Young man’s NHS thirst terror Elderly dying of thirst and neglect IMAGES–WHAT CANCER DOES TO A MAN–2011 MY CANCER YEAR–years afterwards progressively  Recovering–but lymphoma only a part of my multi lymph problem–ALSO CHRONIC LYMPHOEDEMA–LYMPH NODE PROBLEMS TOO.