BOGMAN PALMJAGUAR’S MAKING OF AN OUTLAW ROCK GARDENER– APACHES TO ROCK ART TO WILD BOAR–in DIANA’S shadow. Garden in  time for my more medically restricted 50s and even worse 60s. Doctors support on Dr Raj Mattu Dr Raj Mattu Brave Tom Watson MP death threats HOW MY ROCK GARDEN BECAME A SYMBOL OF RESISTANCE TOWARDS CRIMINAL  STATES KNOWN TO CRIMINOLOGY, BERNERS-LEE AND OTHERS AS I BECAME TURNED INTO AN OUTLAW ROCK GARDENER–AN OLD ROCK OUTLAW OF THE ROCKS–COMING WITH EVIDENCE. Unscientific Schizophrenia label me in medical bloodsports Bogman Palmjaguar’s cance threat in medical bloodsports Myself versus the real life “James Bonds.” Myself versus criminal governments Depraved catholics in Germany